Thursday, September 23, 2010

David's Tea House

Dapat kahapon kami kakain sa labas pero di kami natuloy ganun ata talaga kapag pinaplano kaya ayun kailangang biglain lahat ng makakasama, so after work biglaang nag kayayaang kumain kaya yun go ang taong gutom na gutom... sa gala at sa kain! hehehe!   

Beef with brocolli, yummy!

shrimp siomai na di kumain si myra kz may allergy daw sya

hakaw na favorite ni glacy

ito ang dahilan ng pagkakaroon ko ng rashes sa aking mga hita!

pinagtripan namin si anton na picturan, at todo smile naman sya,
tiningnan muna ang picture at pinaulit pa kz pangit daw eh!

at eto ang pinaka highlight ng gabi... nag commute kami nung pauwi, sakay ako sa jeep kasama si myra at si lil.  bigla kaming nagkatinginan ni lil... me mag bf sa harap namin.  eto ang tanong ko ke lil, "bakit sya may bf, ako wala?".  eto naman ang sagot nya, "kamag anak yan ni ramon revilla, pinsan ata yan ni bong revilla!".  muntik na kong mapahagalpak pero ang totoo sobra akong pinag sakitan ng tyan kakatawa!  At eto pa, bago bumaba si lil bumanat pa, "wag kang bababa ng di ka nakaka hingi ng agimat!" hahaha!  gets nyo?


Monday, September 20, 2010


I got a dinner invitation from Yami and I immediately txted Joy if she's available.  But before that  scene,  I saw myself walking home alone tonight for a personal reason...  Wind will be blowing my hair while the sun begins to set wherein the sky is turning gray.  But hey, dinner date with best buds is much much better than walking home alone.  Besides, I can re-schedule my "me and myself only" time.

Anyways, Joy was not able to join us due to an earlier scheduled meeting but as always she will never let a date pass without a call and so we got an hour of cellphone call from her!  Joy is our official photographer, since she's absent, pardon the pix below captured by my samsung cellphone. =)   

Ryuma is a new restaurant located at the newly built Paseo 4.  I found the place very neat and welcoming same goes for their waiters and waitresses.   A cold tea plus an appetizer (a black grass like) was immediately served for us.  And we don't wait too long for our foods to arrive!

We ordered mix seafoods tempura and pork tonkatsu.  We just add a little to upgrade the food we ordered and that means adding two bowls of rice and two miso soup.  I think it will be better to say shrimp and squid tempura rather than mix seafoods hehehe =).  Tonkatsu is good enough.  Good thing we didn't order california maki, we're already full even before we finished our bowl of rice!

Would you believe that this picture is taken inside their female restroom?  Oh yes! It  is!  You'll be amazed with their very clean pink restroom complete with toiletries, from alcohol, cotton, hand sanitizer, different liquid soap, lotion etc.

Before we left the place, Yami and I agreed that we will visit this place again together with Joy!

Till next date sis! ;-)


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hopeless Romantic

Over dinner, a friend ask, do you still celebrates monthsaries?  It made me think for a while.  Do i?

I have to admit i am a hopeless romantic girl...  I love to receive love letters times when txting is not yet a thing  and read it over and over...  er, i love reading love txt messages over and over again hehehe!  I feel like a princess when he will open the door for me.  Love the warmth of his hand when he touch my back when he lets me in first.  I know you would disagree with me when i say i hate receiving flowers and chocolates from our someone special.

I used to buy monthsary/ anniv cards and gave to my bf after scribbling some notes and drawing hearts all over iww.  I easily got irritated when he forgot to greet me early in the morning and more irritated when i feel that he doesn't care at all. 

I love giving surprises but ofcourse loves receiving too!  A surprise visit, or a dinner or an out-of-town trip who would resist?

Those were the days...

Now, i think i've learn my lesson... not all men love this mushy mushy thing but hey, i think some still love this hehehe.  I think they hate it when they have to buy something or do something special on an specific date every month a simple early greeting will do...

Friend did i make sense, did i gave an answer?  She just smile, knowing me, a lady full of stories... =)

I love each day you spent with me, 
i love the way you hold my hands, i love the way you hug me,
i love the way you smile or wink at me, i love the way you kiss me,
i love the way you laugh so hard, i love the way you stare at me...  
i love the way you always makes me feel im so special...

hey, today's the 17th day of the month boink boink!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Pwedeng Magtanong?

hanggang kailan kita mamahalin?

hanggang kailan kita yayakapin?

hanggang kailan kita mahahalikan?

hanggang kailan ako tatawa?

hanggang kailan tayo masaya?

hanggang kailan kita makakasama?

hanggang kailan?

hindi ko alam...


Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm not feeling well

I'm not ok

I'm pretending to be ok

I'm pretending to be just fine

I'm pretending I don't care

I'm pretending to be strong

I'm afraid of something I don't  know

I'm afraid to sleep tonight

I'm afraid to wake up tomorrow

I'm afraid not to find you...

I'm so sorry I can't do anything

I'm so sorry I put you into trouble

I'm so sorry for showing you that I care

I'm so sorry for loving you...

I  know what to say

I know what to do

I just don't want to

I'm so sorry for loving you...


Thursday, September 2, 2010

So much!

Thank you so much...

for making me happy

for being with me

for standing by my side

for being patient

for being protecttive

for taking care of me

thank you...

for your time

for your sweet kisses

for your warm embrace

thank you for making me happy... 


One day in Cebu

Believe me when I say, i enjoyed every minute of my stay here.  After days of continuous rain in Luzon, lo and behold the weather in Cebu was warm, in fact it was so hot! 

Cebu pacific's flight was on time.  By 10am our feet landed in Cebu's airport already.  I called Roseate Pension House if it's possible for an early check in.  Good thing they allowed us.  We were then checking our things when something pop up in my mind... "What if Byahilo's here?"  The two giggled... hahaha what if nga?  Then Joy said "picture picture"!  We're still giggling when i heard that Byahilo's name is being page!  Joy hurriedly looked for her camera, hayz Byahilo's like flash he's no where to be found...

We looked for a white taxi outside the airport since we were informed that it is much cheaper compare to the yellow taxi.  True enough, we reached the pension house for only P60.00.  Mang Joel, the taxi driver is very friendly and according to him he is very talkative also.  He offered his taxi and volunteered to be our tour guide.  The price is reasonable enough and so we agreed.  We requested him to pick us after two hours since we're all hungry and hopefully take a nap.

Oh no, after an hour, our food is not yet ready, good thing we have chocolates...  Sorry Mang Joel for waiting, he arrived 30 minutes ahead of time.

Our first stop...

Di ata complete ang tour mo sa Cebu pag wala kang picture dito...

Lola is praying for me.
At xempre yun nga po ang dasal ko.
Sige na po, pleaseeee...

Mahirap kaya ang ganyang trabaho?

Napakarami naming kasabay nung dumating kami dito sa Fort San Pedro.
At napaka ingay nila.
Ayokong sabihin kung anong nationality nila, basta sila yun, ang ingay!

dito entrance...

3rd stop

mejo malayo na to sa city

pasalubong ke jedd

ang masarap na danggit

Taoist temple

dinner time.

sino walang puso?

the way we eat



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I'm a candy

During our half year report and planning, our COO decided to break the silence by this open phrase... 

If i'm a candy...

That's easy for me since I know what I like and what I love... but associating it to one's personality? hmmm... that's kinda difficult. =)

Back to the game...

If i'm a candy... I'm a candy/ chocolate flavored peppermint!  First, i love peppermint!  I dont know basta  gusto ko lang kahit saan kahit sa kape pa yan!

And I said... After you ate something with peppermint for sure it will leave something in your mouth...  Ako?  You'll have me... you'll leave me... but for sure you'll never forget me cause i know i have touched you...  =)