Monday, January 19, 2009

i wish i wasn't

Been single and uncommitted for the past months,

when i heard this song for the first time

nothing can stop me from googling

to find the lyrics and video of this song,

finally i’m sharing this song to all of you,

who somehow have felt and experienced this…

Im home alone again

And youre out, hanging with your friends

So you say, but I know its not quite that way

Its getting pretty late and you havent checked on me all day

When I called you didnt answer

Now Im feeling like youre ignoring me

I wish that you were home

Holding me,tight in your arms

And I wish, I could go back

To the day before we met and skip my regret

I wish I wasnt in love with you

So you couldnt hurt me

It just aint fair the way you treat me

No you dont deserve me

Wasted my time thinking about you and you aint never gone change

I wish I wasnt in love with you

So I wouldnt feel this way

When you touch me my heart melts

And everything you did wrong I forget

So you play me and take advantage

Of the love that I feel for you

Why you wanna hurt me so bad

I believed in you thats why Im so mad

Now Im drowning in disappointment, and its hard for me to even look at you

I wish that you were home

Holding me tight in your arms ooh baby

I wish I could go back

To the day before we met and skip my regret

Said you care about me, but from what I see

I aint feeling that, so I disagree

Gave you all my love and understanding and you treated me like your enemy

So leave me alone, dont want nothing from you

Just go back where you came from this house is no longer your home

You can not never come no more

I hear you knocking at my door again

Im wondering should I let you in

I open up the door and see the flowers for me so beautiful in your hands

You start begging me to take you back,

Ive always been a sucker for romance

And before you know it I can see, youre all over me

Oh no here I go again

I wish I wasnt in love with you so you couldnt hurt me

Monday, January 12, 2009

at nyt


late at night i wonder why

why why why and still why

late at night i stare at the sky

silence made me cry

late at night i’m still awake

no matter how i tried, i can’t sleep…

late at night, cried to death

tears running, can’t stop from falling…

late last night…