Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boracay 2009

We are planning and saving for our October Cebu - Bohol trip when this opportunity came... Imagine yourself sitting in front of your computer when suddenly your phone rings...

"Hi there! Let's go somewhere and buy our new swim suits. Let's go to Boracay!"
"What? I thought we're going to Bohol?"

"Well we just got FREE 3 days 2 nights hotel accommodation in Crown Regency and round trip tickets from Zest Airways! Now tell me, is it Bohol or Boracay?

"Wait! Where are we gonna meet? i'll be there in 30 minutes! c u!"

That's it! That's how our conversation was and all is set to our Boracay trip... :)

09.03.09 = We were kinda frustrated when upon checking in we were advised that our 7am flight was move to12nn. I just got the courage to wake up too early and this happened! Got nothing to do while waiting.... eat, retouched make up, talk laugh talk again laugh again, and gave a call to someone i cared... ^_^

zestfull getaway

The flight was very smooth, not the one that I expected. Had a "kodakan" moment with the captain of the plane. The two-hour van ride from Kalibo to Caticlan was also ok. We were directed to the other side of the island for our banca ride since i guess, a storm is coming... :( We then reach the island and our service car was already waiting for us.

Crown Regency, Station 1

Nice and courteous staff of Crown Regency Hotel welcome us with drinks and freezing towelletes. I love their beds even their restroom and my bestfriend hair blower is winking at me! We settled for a light snack inside the room since it was too late for lunch and yet a bit early for dinner. kodakan again and rest for a while...

day 1 buffet dinner at Liebevoll, near D Mall, Station 2

We looked for a good place to have our dinner until we settled at Liebevoll (i forgot if the word means to love or be in love... hanggang dito ba naman? hehehe!). Who would resist chicken, bbq, crabs, shrimps, oysters and a lot of different clams? Even me who sometimes had a not-so-good-reaction to seafoods had a plate full of it! We left the place at around 10pm. :) This buffet at P250.00 made me 10 pounds heavier!

i love this shot

09.04.09 = The weather is not so good. Wind blowing and the sun doesn't come out. Who cares? We left the room after breakfast, an hour late in our schedule. ;) Had fun in the sand. Enjoyed the water. Appreciate the moment...

having fun at the beach even there's a storm coming, station 1

lunch at Station 2

We then proceed to D Mall, Station 2 for our lunch. For P650.00 our stomach were full already. I can't clearly remember the name but this is the place where we had a good laugh, the one that makes you weak and cried a little!

crispy pata, chopsuey, mangga at bagoong and garlic rice

after lunch swimming at Crown Regency pool, Station 3

Not yet satisfied with water at the sea, next stop, Crown Regency pool at Station 3. Had a good time "kodakan" and swimming at their infinity pool until we noticed the heavy rain.

dinner at Andoks, sisig, chicken + the left over crispy pata

for our dessert, Crazy Crepe, 'D Mall, Station 2

Dinner at Andoks was followed by fave dessert in Boracay, crazy crepe, as usual i had my fave blueberry with ice cream crepe. Back to hotel, we waited for 9:30pm for our whole body massage. It was then folllowed by our face massage & mask courtesy of Joyee! We had a great busy second bora day and a relaxed mode sleep...

met Andrew (whom i thought a Korean national) during the 3 hour drive from Boracay to Kalibo, got same flight schedule, shared common interests and i know his tito *winks* small world!

*thanks joy for the photos

Saturday, September 5, 2009


something weird happened yesterday... after one year without communication i got a text message from Josh, an x, who lives abroad (the reason why we decided to separate ways)... we're still friends...
his message : please add me in ur YM
and so eager to hear news from him, i add his e-mail add. success! in just a minute he added me...
me : hi musta ka na? kala ko nakalimutan mo na ko e...
josh : di naman, musta ka na, san ka ngaun?
after some more exchange of messages, i doubt...
he is not josh! let me clear this... his email address and name is the same as josh except for his middle name. i know his email add since i was the one who made it...
and so i had instant friend this time, in the person of josh d second...
weird kung weird... we exchange questions & answers. gusto ko ng sumigaw (i wanted to scream) and i requested my office mate to pull my hair just incase i'm dreaming! woah! we're from the same school. i graduated a year a head since he took up engineering course! and so on...
so much for josh d 2nd and the chat...
this time, i replied to josh' (d real one) text message... error! another attempt to send message and it's error again! error pa rin! my phone is in good condition... pero ayaw talaga!
what happened? i don't know!