Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Trip for 2009

Me plus my two best buds, Joy & Yami meet at Jollibee Complex for our early trip. I'm not late! Yehey! It's supposed to be 5am. hehe! Anyways, breakfast with my fave burger steak plus very hot choco drink lasted for almost half an hour.


Travel by van going to Lipa lasted for 45 minutes only. Startollways really brings wonder to commuters like us. Jeepney ride going to San Juan was a lot different from the van we rode. Here, you can't even close your eyes or else "pupulutin ka sa lansangan"! And that means pupulutin ka talaga! Another 45 minutes and we're already in Barangay Hugom, Laiya.

ang buhok ko!

We headed to La Luz beach resort. The place is a lot different from the place I visited years ago. There I met great people like Mayor Rodolfo Manalo (of San Juan, Batangas) and Barangay Captain Mario Sulit (of Barangay Hugom, Laiya).

We were disappointed when the receptionist at La Luz informed us that they can't accommodate us. What? Actually they can accommodate us daw but they do not have available cabana for us. What again?? Gggrrr... According to Neren, the receptionist, cabanas are for those guests who made reservation. Whew! Thats's confusing. Why? Why? Why? Well, a week before our trip I called their Manila Sales office. I inquired almost every questions a traveller would asked. I even inquired if they have cabanas for day tour guests. And they said they have lots of. I even inquired if we need to make a reservation to have a cabana. Well the answer is no, "cabanas are first come first serve basis po" . And I believe that sales person on the other line! Hump! and thats it! Ggggrrrr...

We really need to take a walk or else I might do something, something! Joke lang po! Locals here are friendly in nature. They suggested for places where we can stay. Until I saw someone who looks familiar. Aha! That's the Barangay Captain, Sir Mario Sulit. The very accommodating kapitan offered his house for a snack and requested a local to find us a resort. Thank you po!

We then reach Taramindu resort. The place is different from La Luz but who cares. ^.^ The receptionist is welcoming. The staff are all accommodating. Maybe I'm in a bad mood that I can say this things toward them but I guess La Luz really need a shake... I'm a guest and I deserve tender loving care! :)

Going back to Taramindu...

Rooms are clean and spacious for the three of us. They even gave us a discount since it's almost 10:30am and we'll be checking out at 5pm. We just rest for fifteen minutes and were ready for the "shoot".

shooting at the roof deck

roof deck bar

We waited for almost thirty minutes for our food to arrive. Sobrang gutom napagtripan ang m & m...

We have our siesta after lunch...

It was already 3pm when we hit the sun, sea and the sand...

*photos courtesy of joy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Planner

Dyaraaannn... introducing my 2010 planner...

hooray! after one month i got mine already. Yes, me and my friends waited for a month to have this. I placed our order after i knew this. We were supposed to meet and got our planner but unfortunately, our schedule never met... After making so kulit to Chinggay, our request was granted... courier!

Ang cute di ba? Chinggay plus the two other master minds of this planner are coffee lovers like us. Sobrang funny since the brainstorming took place in Seattle's Best! It was just last September 2009 lang when they got this idea! Hooray for them! Ang galing!

I was looking for something in the net when i incidentally read an article about this planner. Got curious and looked for more about this... i said to myself i really love this one! got to have mine also!

I dialled friends number, Joy & Yami and told them what I found out. Emailed to them some information and they also love the idea.

tinamaan ako dito ah...

Promise 100X

photoshop na lang siguro... :)

my birthday month

OMG malapit na nga po ang pasko!

Pasko na naman!

sa meeting with ???

need to panic?

atleast my listahan

panu yan kung anu ano ang nasa isip ko? baka di magkasya!

*photos courtesy of Joy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sis' Christmas Party

It's difficult to organize for a party especially for us because of our different schedules. We work on weekends and holidays while others are enjoying these days at their homes.
Until we settled for a small Sis' Christmas party at Italianni's restaurant. That same day, I am patiently waiting for "something" to arrive.

Finally, this is what we are waiting for. After almost one month of making kulit to Chinggay... eto na po... the planner,



I didn't enjoy lasagna, too tomato for my taste. I prefer Yami's choice of carbonara.


My dialogue for that night : "Yami penge pa ha..."


my best friends = all smile after foods & planner

location: Italianni's Restaurant


Sta.Rosa, Laguna

*photo courtesy of Joy

Monday, December 14, 2009

ano nga ba?

ano ba gusto nyong sabihin ko?
ano gusto nyong marinig?
may sasabihin ba ko?

minsan may mga bagay
na mahirap ipaliwanag
sa pamamagitan ng salita...
at kung minsan naman
mahirap din namang
ipakita sa gawa.

sa larangan ng puso,
alam nyo naman na tahimik lang ako
at bihirang magsalita

basta ang alam ko
ako ay masaya
may mas hahalaga pa ba?

Friday, 12.11.09 at 12:38p.m.

infinity pool @ Crown Regency, Station 3

Friday, December 11, 2009

1 = 2

all of a sudden...

1 = san kita ite-txt?

2 = wala.

1 = as in wala?

2 = meron.

1 = yung ginamit mo dati?

2 = pede.

1 = cge.

1 = i-text mo ko mamaya.

2 = ok.

Thurs 12.10.09 at 12:13 a.m.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

he said...

he said : are you afraid to die?

she said : no i'm not... i'm afraid to lose you...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 11:58pm

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So stressed during this time... I'm in the mood to go out and dine somewhere else when Joy called me up and asked if i'm available for a coffee. I immediately dialed Yami's number and agreed to dine first at Conti's before coffee.

Joy - baked salmon - P295.00

mine - chicken ala kiev - P225.00

I love chicken so much! This one is no exemption. I enjoyed the creamy saucy filling of this chicken.

Yami - chicken ballotine - P195.00


choco overload - P90.00;
mango bravo - P105.00;
blueberry cheesecake - P70.00

I'm not a dessert person. Choco overload is so chocolatety. Water please... Mango bravo, their best seller is not so extraordinary for me. Sorry for the comparison but I prefer Bag of Beans blueberry cheesecake over theirs.

I was so engrossed with my food when I noticed that someone is looking at me. Ignored "him", the man in red collared shirt and continue eating. But then I caught "him" looking again. I asked Joy if she know someone from the other table. Immediately she recognized her tita and her cousins. Ah ok, that's it... i thought... just a thought! :) Joy's Tita with her family transferred to a bigger table inside the function room. Giving me the opporunity to eat freely... Yami gave me a mischivous smile everytime she caught "him" looking at me...

The moral of the story... smile, always look your best and feel the best. No one knows... that stranger you meet may be "somebody"...
: Nuvali (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) 049-302-6050 / 55

*photos courtesy of Joy

One Day

a very hectic day
no time to retouch make up
been worrying too much
what else is needed?

saw you this morning
as if nothing
saw you before you go
i hate myself...

what's on your mind
i like to know
i wish i'm Alice
and see what's for tomorrow

i want to sleep
stop running
oh Lord my God
wake me up

Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 12:12am