Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey! I'm still here!

Been very busy these past few days.

Got no time to visit my fb even my blog.

I know i'm missing so much!

Too many things to be done but i only have one pair of hand.

See? I am sick now...

No time to share my stories of day by day. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Night

I was about to go home at 6pm but unfortunately it rained so hard...  I was already alone at the office since they all left at 5:30pm.  Upon checking the rain at the window, i realized that it will be better to stay at the office for another 30 minutes.

Came 7pm, still raining and my empty stomach is aching.  I decided to leave the office armed with my umbrella...

The night is so dark, the rain falls so hard.



I realized im sad...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I heard the female version of this song though can't find it in the net...  for me, female version is better! :)

Tensionado nagulat din noon
Nung malaman na hindi lang pala ako
Yung nanghinayang nung nag away tayo nun
At natuluyan sa iyakan at tampo

Sandali lang wag ka munang magsalita
Di ko hahayaan lahat ito ay mawala
Ang iniisip ko kung pwede pa ba tayo

At miserable paulit-ulit lang
Ang nangyayari paikot-ikot tayong
Parang bote at nasanay ka na ba dun
At nalimutan ang aking mga tanong

At hindi malinaw pwede bang wag kang sumigaw
Di ko hahayaan lahat ito ay maligaw
Nagtatanong sayo kung pwede pa ba tayo

Sandali lang wag ka munang magsalita
Di ko hahayaan lahat ito ay mawala
Sandali lang wag ka munang magsalita
Di ko hahayaan pati ikaw ay mawala
Nagtatanong sayo kung pwede pa ba tayo

Monday, June 7, 2010


source of our happiness!
it was just an ordinary saturday when we heard of a good news!
it's like a happy sound to my ears!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Purple Fun... Lavender Together!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another post birthday celebration for me cum family day/ friends day at Enchanted Kingdom.  Last year's theme... Sis' Day.  Last saturday, it was called "Purple Fun... Lavender Together!"  Pictures speak what i want to convey! :)

Yami, Joy, Ella, Obet, Aileen and JC complete the fun!  Yami enjoyed the Zorb Ball experience with me.  This is my second time to try this one.  Even it's tiring too laugh and we laugh so much inside the ball still it is full of fun!  You may try to balance yourself or simply lay down, both are fulfilling especially when there is someone to laugh with!

The group also tried the newest movie at 4D Theater,  Dora the Explorer.

yellow glass, anyone?

At 9pm, shower of fireworks begin!

We then left EK for a late dinner at Big 30.  Our moods were changed when upon entering the parking lot we saw smoke coming from our car!  In just a split second we're all out of the car.  To make the long story short...  JC's dad rescued us, a pick up was send to pick us up (tongue twister?!)!

I really had  a nice night with you guys!  Next year uli...

Honestly speaking, i'm missing Mae...


Thursday, June 3, 2010

62 na po!

happy happy 62nd birthday dad! 

i wish you'll have many many candles to blow...

we love you so so much!

kuya jabu, jedd jedd, diko mavi

baby Yu

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



bakit kailangan kong i-check ang status mo

kahit alam ko na masasaktan ako. 

sabi ko tapos na,

sabi ko naka move on na ko,

sabi ko masaya ako para sa yo

pero teka kanino ko ba sinasabi to?