Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's so init and reddish!

i love summer

i love sun

i love beach

but look what happened coz of heat...

who's to blame?


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my 2nd cake

In the morning of my special day, I visited the church that helped me for my journey.

Revisit an old place, to realize what had been and where am I now.

To be thankful for all the blessings I received from the people I met and said goodbye

to simple and ordinary blessings that we sometimes forgot to be grateful...

together with my family for an afternoon delight :)

not my plate ha,

done! burp!

tried so many times to light the candle which Yu and Jedd will always blow for me

ang coolits nyong dalawa!

and i gave up,

compromise with the 2

i just requested my sis to have a picture for this cake

and the two kids will be blow for me

a happy birthday for me.


bday celeb with ofism8s

Ensaladang mangga with salted egg
salty and sour melt in this green mango, onion, tomatoes and cilantro salad, garnished with salted egg

i say -> i love the salt meets sour taste, love to see my friends make face in every bite of the mangoes but nobody dares to stop eating hahaha

Tokwa't baboy
golden-crisp tofu meets tender pork slivers in a soy, vinegar and onion sauce

i say -> the combination of soy, vinegar and onion sauce is superb

Aligue Rice
fried rice sauteed with crab fat

i say -> kahit ilang beses mong sabihing malakas cholesterol nyan ilang beses ko ding sasabihin masarap kaya!  neeways, para labanan ang guilt feeling, one serving of aligue rice is combined with three servings of steamed rice :) 

Crispy Pata
perfectly deep-fried pork, knuckles, the skin is light and crunchy and the meat just melts in your mouth

i say -> ang sarap ng taba, ang lutong ng balat, paminsan minsan masarap ang bawal hahaha

Seafood Kare-Kare
national dish interpreted in the key of sea, instead of meat, they put in prawns, mussels and squid

i say -> oh my oh my wag mong sabihin na may allergy ako sa seafoods at baka madinig nila, ganyan ako katapang katakaw na kainin ang mga lamang dagat na ito, sa sobrang nagustuhan ko ang lasa, sauce pa lang ulam na... rice pa po cge na please!

it's our birthday!

empty plates = satisfied stomachs

but still have space for a cup of coffee...

charming, cutee, cheerful, caring, courteous, crafty, comedienne, cool, carefree, conservative, curious, creative, candid, clumsy, colorful, complicated crazy chellee 

the celebrants

i-love-you guys
for making this cutee cake topper!
for spending a night with me
till next year!

Monday, May 14, 2012

burp day!

I woke up that morning when my nephew accidentally stepped on my legs, ouch!

Thank you Lord for this day...

it's my birthday!


I thank everyone that has caused me to suffer,

without you I would have no reason to express myself..

I became better...

Like a newly polished diamond, sparkling on its own...


Most specially, thanks so much for all the love and care I'm receiving,

You all know who you are,

Thanks for believing and staying...

Till next year!

Thank you my dear Lord for another year!


On my special day, I visited my ever love parish church in Tagaytay.

I stayed for almost an hour hoping I'll find some of the priests who helped me in my spiritual life.

As we all know, change is the only constant in this world, found no one.

I decided to just sit inside the church, with eyes closed, i'm at peace.

It's almost past one in the afternoon when I realized I haven't taken my lunch.

Hmmm... Java Jazz Coffee is just around the corner. :)

My birthday lunch consist of well done sunny side up egg, lechon kawali and steamed rice. 

and of course, my travel buddy, my friend, my bf...

100 taon ka na pa lang nagpapasaya!


have you seen this angle so many times?

my birthday wish!

di masamang mangarap, di bah?

birthday girl while waiting for dessert

my birthday cake

chocolate coffee cake!

taste is worth the price, end up bringing it at home for them to taste

java minty frost + chocolate coffee cake = a happy burp day!

if you like the minty coffee of starbucks for christmas season,

you'll surely fall in love with their java minty frost

such a wonderful day!