Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tingloy Island

Beh, my youngest sister, introduced the "word" Tingloy Island to me. Her workmates invited her there. But it was Bang, middle sister, who informed me that Lovely (my X workmate and her kumare) grew up in Tingloy...

Eager to set feet on seashore again, i got Lovely's number from Bang and make kulit to her...
I emailed ten travelling buddies last February 3, 2009. After 2 or more exchange of emails, island get away was set last February 22-23, 2009. From the ten that i emailed only 2 confirmed, Joyee and Yami.
Travel was easy since we just rode a van from Complex, Balibago going to Batangas City. Then transferred to a jeep going to Talaga.
I was so busy sightseeing, so you could imagine how shocked we were when a pail full of water was thrown to our jeep... to our face! One elderly passengers got mad while most of them were shocked but laughing... In Batangas, that practise was called "buling-buling".
Got boat from Talaga and sailed to Tingloy...
One of the good things when your place is small is that everybody knows everybody... Well, that's what happened to us. We were waiting for Lovely's father when a tricycle driver asked us if we're the visitors of Tiyo Wat. Same question was asked by 3 - 5 more by passers.
The resort has 2 big cottages. We settled for a smaller one. It was a nipa hut style. The place was near the sea, clean and so peaceful! Rinig na rinig ang sounds ng tuko!
Lunch at 12:30pm, we had tocino, sardines in vegetable oil (c/o me), rice, salted egg and talong from Yami. Most of our foods were from Joyee. Thank you thank you sobrang busog!!!
Masasa beach can be reach both by tricycle and boat. We settled for tricycle, it's free since it's Tiyo Wat's. We were accompanied by Jofred, his son. Though the trek was kinda steep, we were so amazed by the beauty of nature.
Sa sobrang sikat ng araw, we waited pa ata for an hour before we swimmed. We stayed in the water for almost two hours because we really enjoyed the fine white sand and waited for the sun to set and not to mentioned the kwentuhan and our laughters... It was almost 6pm when we decided to go back to our rest house.
Back in resthouse, Tatay, the owner, volunterred to cooked our rice. I prepared the ingredients for california maki while we tooked turn in the rest room. The california maki by Joyee had a 5 star rate when the owner + Tiyo Wat tried...
It was already 11pm when we tried to sleep. Okatokat! Kze sabi ni yami parang she saw a pair of eye daw in between 2 bamboos. While i kept my eyes closed since the window was too big that i might saw someone or something... Nyahahaha! That night we had one common moved, we kept on kicking each other's foot slighly so that we'll know we're still beside each other!
We were awakened by Tatay at around 7am. The last trip going to Anilao is at 8am! Quick breakfast and we're all set!
For sure, we will be back!!!
Thank you po Tiyo Wat, dun sa Municipal Police and sa bodyguard ni Mayor na nagbantay at nakipag kwentuhan sa min. Next time ayusin nyo na sched ni Mayor para ma meet namin! Hehehe! Thanks po kay Nanay at Tatay na may ari ng resort sobrang welcoming po kayo...

Thanks to my buddies, Yami and Joyee!!!
Till next time...

Here's our expenses:
P110.00 - van from Complex to Batangas
P25.00 - Batangas City to Talaga
P450.00 - Talaga to Tingloy via boat (for 3, late kami for the usual trip)
P300.00 - resthouse (that's per guest)
P55.00 - boat from Tingloy to Anilao
P30.00 - Anilao to Lemery
P120.00 - Lemery to Balibago by van via Tagaytay
P790.00 - Total/head

Monday, February 9, 2009

monday madness 2


been eating chocolates for the past three hours of my monday life…


a. gusto ko lang

b. sad and low

c. about to expire

d. like to gain wait


monday madness


stayed late last night and woke up late this morning for assignment still undone up to this minute…

sitted infront of this pc, staring blank on my so called assignemnt… figuring out what to do…

eat… back to pc… walk… back to pc… eat again… walk again…

woooo! wala talaga!