Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's May!

What's so special with May? As a child i always look forward for this month.  It was the time of the year wherein i'm with my grandparents in Bulacan.  Days full of sea foods.  I also look forward playing with friends during night time.  It's so nice to see the moon and how it gives light.  As a child i wonder why the moon in Bulacan is lovelier compare with the moon back home...  Oh im missing my grandparents so much!

May is also the month full of flowers and fruits. Lunch will not be complete without watermelon and mangoes.

Mothers' day also fall within the month of May, love you mom!

I can think more to add to the list but then again all i wanted to say is, hey it's May and it's my birthday month!  One more year to add on my age but who cares, age is but numbers!

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